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Happy New Year from the Nova Labs 3.0 Updates Team

Happy New Year, members and friends!

What an amazing year this has been! We started off with a dream of NL3, and here we are, the proud owners of a 38k sqft building, with construction well underway, and weeks away from moving in. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience - it has been a bumpy ride to get here, but we have made so much progress and we are excited to see what 2022 brings.


January 8th and 9th we are going to have a NL3-wide volunteer roundups from 10-7 both days in 3 shifts at both the current and new location. Come for any portion on either day. We will have tasks for any skill level from demolition, drywall, painting, to basic cleaning, packing, etc. Please reach out to Jalene ( or on Slack join #NL3_volunteering, and sign up for a time slot here: This is a great chance to stop by, see the new facility, and help out!

Progress updates from the past few weeks:


  • We have surpassed our Capital Campaign goal of $225K and have raised $350K so far. A BIG THANK YOU to the Nova Labs community for your generosity and help in making this happen.

  • We are also thankful for our major donors: the City of Fairfax, the GO Virginia fund, the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia, and of course our longtime supporter Google. This Patch article includes news items on some of our recent funding awards.

  • We will need every dollar to complete our construction, so please continue to give what you can.


Animated gif of a tree root being removed from the ground with a forklift.
  • The last of Sundog’s heavy equipment has been removed, and they are finishing moving out of their old offices (which will become Orange Bay).

  • Literally tons of scrap metal have been removed.

  • Walls are going up separating our space from Sundog.

  • Lots of repairs, minor enhancements, and cleaning to the restroom areas.

  • We have setup access control and will have badge access this week.

  • Removed tree roots and repaired the front sidewalk.


  • The Matsuura (very large metal CNC mill) was the first tool to be moved and is awaiting its final placement.

  • The blacksmithing shop has moved and is now running out of NL3.

  • We have started prepacking of non critical making materials and tools.

  • Shops will move in phases throughout January; stay tuned for announcements of specific closings and move dates for each area.

  • The Innovation Center and other 1930 tenants will move in phases during February.

How you can help:

  • Volunteer: The first few weeks of January will be crunch time and we need lots of volunteer help. Monitor the “Volunteer Here” and “NL3” Slack Channels for daily tasking and calls for volunteers, and specific skill sets needed. PLEASE give time when and where you can - hours can be very flexible. Many more opportunities will come, please stay tuned for updates.

  • We continue to need your financial support. Please see the member campaign information and donate today!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who are working hard to make this happen!

To follow along please join the NL3 Slack channel or email

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