Nova Labs facility is currently closed until further notice. All classes and events are conducted exclusively online, and our community is working remotely to make PPE for medical workers and first responders.

We need your help to sustain the makerspace through this crisis!


The Nova Labs Makerspace


Nova Labs is the largest makerspace in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area, located in Reston, VA. We are a passionate community of makers, artists, craftspeople, engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who believe in collaboration. Our 10,500 square-foot makerspace boasts an extensive collection of tools and equipment, but we are so much more than that! We work together, teach one another, and empower each other to build, create, and learn. So whether you're a pro, a hobbyist, or a beginner looking to build your skills or build your vision, you can find your space to make at Nova Labs!

Welcome back! Members making their own projects and volunteers helping with renovations can come in to use the shops and other areas.

Teleworking and socializing at Nova Labs are not permitted. Non-members are not allowed in the space unless they are critical personnel on priority projects. Yes, we are accepting new members. See our calendar for our next virtual open house.

A reservation is required. Due to the current health concerns and social distancing requirements, you have to reserve a space before you arrive and clean up before leaving when your reservation ends.

When can members reserve time?
Key Members and priority project volunteers: 24/7
Associates: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Thank you to our sponsors!