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Your wedding is about everything important to you...

Ed. note: Darsh Nand is a member at Nova Labs and got married earlier this year. As part of a unique wedding favor, Darsh and his wife Katrina created laser engraved/cut tokens that were given to guests. Read Darsh's note about it below.

My wife and I recently got married and instead of handing out favors to our guests, we asked guests to put a laser cut token (made at Nova Labs!) into a box. The box had an option to pick between two charities/organizations we feel dearly about. My wife choose United2Heal, a non-profit she started in college that sends medical supplies to third-world countries. I initially choose Asha for Education (which you will see listed on the card we had laid out for guests), an organization helping underprivileged youth in India get schooling, but then I felt so strongly about my love for Nova Labs, we decided to split up the donations for Asha for Education and Nova Labs. We are donating $300 to each organization as a way to thank the organizations for all that they do.

Laser engraved token as part of a unique and alternative wedding favor.

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