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Nova Labs 3.0 - Late January 2022 Update

We’ve been busy and productive these last few weeks. We’re finishing phase 1 construction, separating our space from our tenant, SunDog. And in huge news, 1916 in Reston is now empty! All tools, materials, and furniture have moved to Nova Labs’ new home at 3850 Jermantown Road, Fairfax VA.

Thank you to each and every one of our incredible, hard-working volunteers. The build-out, packing, and moving has been amazingly quick and even smoother than we had hoped.

NL3 Current Status:

  • We’re still unpacking boxes and building out the space, but it’s great to begin setting up our new home.

  • Member badges are now active with the same access level as available in 1916. Two doors are badge controlled: near the ramp on the parking deck and just before the loading dock.

  • We’ve signed a snow management contract so the deck, ramp, and sidewalks will be cleared going forward.

  • We have a temporary dry kitchen equipped with fridge, microwave, coffee pot, and hot water heater. We do not have a sink, dishwasher, or even a drain. Those will come in about a year.

  • Individual shops will come online over the next few weeks. Some are in temporary spaces until we finish phase 2 construction - tentatively slated for May. Please reach out to individual shop stewards for more information on timing and how you can help.

Nova Labs' 3D printers on their shelves, waiting to be used again by makers.
The 3D print room is the first shop to be back online in Fairfax.

Next Steps:

  • NL3: Complete Inspections for phase 1 construction. Begin building IC space and manage the associated permitting process. Target for the main set of offices is mid-March.

  • NL2: Prepare to move IC members and robotics, and get 1930 ready for turnover to the landlord.

Volunteers still needed!

Please monitor the “Volunteer Here” and “NL3 Volunteering” Slack channels for calls for volunteers, daily tasking, and specific skill sets needed, or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Jalene Gelena. PLEASE give time when and where you can - hours can be very flexible and many hands make light work.

Get the word out!

Please help spread word of our new location by liking and sharing our recent social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out video tours (below) by Paul Chase and see the progress we’ve made.

We have a big line of new members waiting in the wings as we get the space ready to welcome new makers; people who have questions or want to be on the membership waitlist can email

Thank you!

This move to NL3 has only been possible with the ongoing support of all our volunteers. Thank you to all the volunteers who have and continue to make this happen!

To follow along please join the NL3 Slack channel or email

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