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Capital Campaign update - another $15k added!

A mixed media panel representing Crafters Cove for the Nova Labs Capital Campaign donation kiosk.
Crafters Cove donation kiosk panel

And we have another $15K added to our Donation Kiosk tracker!

Thank you to Fabiana for leading the charge on the silent auction! Plus the Facebook fundraiser has captured over $5K to date (including some pending matching from Facebook on Giving Tuesday). We still need those donations coming in for the next few weeks so we can get ahead of the moving costs as well as submit them for the 2:1 match opportunity.

Forward to your friends and family these links to donate online:

LEGO bricks spell out "Youth Robotics" on a panel for the Nova Labs Capital Campaign donation kiosk.
The Youth/Robotics panel on the donation kiosk

The Donation Kiosk continues to light the way to our campaign goal of $225K – we are almost there!

Stop by and enjoy the handmade studio/shop panels from our members! Thank you Kathy McCabe (Crafters Cove) and Mary Thompson (Youth Robotics) for the two panels pictured on this page, and drop some bills/checks into to collection box. Every little bit helps!

Track progress on the build out and move to Nova Labs 3.0 at #nova_labs_3 on Slack

Holiday Challenge! Can we get another light lit before December 15th?!

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