Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Nova Labs!

Nova Labs is run by volunteers. We wouldn't be here without our amazing community. If you would like to get involved, we can use your help! Fill out the form below with the task you would like to help with in the subject and we'll get back to you. We will keep the list of volunteer opportunities updated, and if there's something else you would like to propose, we would love to hear your idea! 

Carry Boxes

Pick them up. Put them over there.

Build Some Stuff

Use the tools and make the things we need.

Move Heavy Things

Reorganize all the heavy stuff. Move it over there... wait, try it over there...

Entertain the Interns

Bring them snacks. Make them laugh. Ask them about sports.

Be Someone's Nemesis

Follow them around the space whenever they're there. Heckle them. Smack tools out of their hands.

Clean the Bathroom

You know the drill. Scrub the pots. Wipe the mirrors. Fill the rolls. Make it shine.