ShopSabre CNC


The ShopSabre RC4 has a machinable volume of 48"x55"x7" and also has an on table 4th axis (rotary) that allows for circular machining up to about 6" in diameter. The RC4 is able to cut foam, plastics, MDF, plywood, hardwoods, composites, aluminum, and brass. Whether it's a machining a 3D model from a block of material or cutting out designs from a 2D sketch, this machine can handle it.

Using the RC4

In order to use the RC4, you must be signed off on the machine and either be an associate or key member. Classes are taught about once a month. Once you've taken the class, you'll receive supervised sign off. In order to obtain individual sign off you must prove your proficiency, which can be done during office hours from 6:00 to 9:00 every Thursday. Note: you are required to take a separate class before you can cut aluminum and brass on the RC4.