PPE Challenge

What do you get when you mix an all-volunteer run makerspace, a community of people that build 3D printers, and a global crisis unlike anything our generation has ever experienced?

A grassroots fight to save the world, one medical professional at a time.

The Nova Labs community has partnered with the LaserThing.com and Makersmiths to manufacture thousands of reusable face shields and masks for medical professionals on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. Fueled by the volunteer spirit that defines the Nova Labs makerspace, and the passion for problem solving that runs through the veins of makers, we rose to the PPE challenge and started prototyping solutions. We have donated over 1,000 face shields to COVID-19 testing facilities, hospitals and clinics around the DMV and beyond!

What are the makers making?

To combat the shortage of respiratory protection, Malamaker has developed a 3D printed reusable N95 comparable respirator that can be used with alternative filtration units. Using a mix of 3D printing and casting silicone, our community of makers are building prototypes for testing at local hospitals.
Using the Prusa face shield design, our community of 3D printers, laser cutters and generous families volunteering to assemble, we have manufactured and donated over 1,000 face shields to people on the frontlines of the fight against coronavirus.
Our dedicated sewing community is using the Nova Labs laser cutters to cut acrylic patterns and fabric to speed up production of cotton masks. These masks will be donated to medical oncology teams, immunocompromised cancer patients, low-income elderly communities, and others in need.
Saving the ears of medical professionals, these 3D printed masks clips are being donated to keep the elastic from masks from irritating people's ears as they wear their masks day after day.
Working together with the fire department and medical professionals to fill the gaps. From prototyping adapters to devices to keep doctors safe during intubation, our makers are stepping up to put their skills to use to the greater good.
Led by a request from a nurse in the field, our community is donating headbands with buttons to hold the surgical mask elastic and save the nurses' ears!

Join the Team

Can you sew, have access to a 3D printer, or want to contribute in other ways? Fill out the contact form and one of our volunteers will invite you into our Slack channels, where you'll meet the community of makers behind all of these life saving projects!


    Meet Some of the Makers Supporting the Heroes

    Eric of LaserThing.com
    Paul, our Fearless Leader
    Erica, the 3D Printer Whisperer
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