NOVA Hackers

NoVA Hackers is a long-standing InfoSec group located in Northern Virginia. The member community represents various industry, government, and academic interest, with a broad range of skill sets and levels of proficiency. Monthly meetings are in the format of mini-conferences, with four to eight speakers giving 10-15 minute talks.

Meetings are held at 6pm on the second Monday of every month at Nova Labs.


NoVA Hackers follows a modified version of the Austin Hackers Anonymous model of participation. Participation is mandatory for continued membership. To retain a subscription to the mailing list and access to the Slack channel, you must continuously attend meetings and contribute by presenting your work.


NoVA Hackers maintains a strict policy of confidentiality. Disclosure of any topics or materials discussed at NoVA Hackers requires permission from the presenter before being made public.

Join NoVA Hackers

To get started with NoVA Hackers, submit a join request to the Google group by clicking here.

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