Maker Certifications

What Are They?

Starting this summer, you can now earn Maker Certificates from Nova Labs, Inc in all our Shops. Micro-Certificates confirm your maker-tude and celebrate your maker-fu!

Show off your capabilities in woodworking, metalworking, blacksmithing and more by applying for a Maker Certificate.

Once confirmed, you get to show off your ability with a Nova Labs Badge & Certificate. Check out our new 3D Printing Badges!

How Do I Earn One?

Maker certificates can be earned in any shop by completing a mixture of class and independent projects. You can earn up to 4 badges per shop: Beginner, Advanced, Adept and Virtuoso. Beginners have just started their Maker journeys, while a Virtuoso has developed and shared their knowledge with others.

As well as shop specific Maker certificates, you can now earn two extremely rare (and cool!) certificates: Mixed Media Maker or Mixed Media Virtuoso. Here, Nova Labs rewards those Makers who can’t just stay in one shop, but need to use EVERY shop for their project. These are the Makers who have truly rediscovered the joy of making.

How Do I Apply?

Once you have completed the requirements for a badge, simply use the contact form below to apply for a certificate. Virtuoso and Mixed Media do require documented projects - pictures and descriptions. By submitting a documented project, you are allowing Nova Labs to utilize your story and project in marketing materials. We want to tell the world about the great stuff going on in our shops!

What Are The Requirements?

Beginner Maker:
Any Shop + Yellow Safety Sign Off

Advanced Maker:
Any Shop + Yellow Safety Sign Off + Any Red Tool Safety

Any Shop + Yellow Tool + Any Red TOOL SIGN OFFS + Documented Project

Any Shop + All Tool SIGN OFFS + Documented Project

Mixed Media Maker:
Any Documented Projects Involving Any 2 Shops

Mixed Media Virtuoso:
Any Documented Project Involving 4 Shops

How should I document my project? 3-5 pictures of completed project, any number of in-progress pictures, 1 paragraph describing project, project journey & inspiration. Estimated number of person-hours, shops utilized, tools used, materials used, mentors, and anything else you deem important. Remember, by sharing your project, you are agreeing to allow Nova Labs to share your pictures and description as part of their story.

Apply for Your Certification