Nova Labs appreciates your donations! Whether you're interested in donating your time, money or equipment, it's the generosity of people like you that keep the doors of this wonderful space open. Sincerely, on behalf of the entire maker community at Nova Labs, thank you!
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions are tax-deductible (EIN 45-3796580).
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Monetary Donations

Charitable Donors who believe in and support our mission can show their support for Nova Labs by making a one-time or recurring monetary donation electronically through the PayPal donate button.

Checks can be made payable to "Nova Labs Inc." and mailed to: Nova Labs Inc. c/o Treasurer 1916 Isaac Newton Sq West Reston, VA 20190 We can also receive ACH and wires directly from your bank. Please reach out using the contact form below to coordinate.

In-kind Donations

Donors can also donate noncash items. These types of donations may include:
  • Supplies or Materials
  • Equipment or Machinery
  • Products as Inventory for Sale
  • Professional Services
  • Vehicles
  • Securities or Other Financial Instruments

Donating Physical Items

Please reach out using the contact form below to donate physical items (e.g., equipment, free-cycle or take-apart). While we really appreciate the generosity of all who wish to contribute, we do require approval via the form below or email from the Support Team before any donations are brought to Nova Labs.
  • Equipment and Machinery Between our makerspace and the needs of our community, we may be the perfect home for whatever you're willing to part with! Please do contact us for approval before you bring anything by, though, because our space is limited and we need to know where things will go before they arrive.
  • Supplies or Materials Whether it's a stack of lumber, a box of ink, or thirteen rolls of bubble wrap, there's always a chance it is exactly what someone needs! But you won't know for sure until you reach out via the form below and make sure someone can use what you're willing to share.
  • Office Supplies Nova Labs is often in need of any and all office supplies; pens, pencils, post-its, expo markers, notepads, paper towels, tape (masking, duct, electrical, scotch).
  • Books Any books shared with the community will go to free cycle for the makers to take home. Please let us know how many you plan to donate before you bring them over, as we are not set up to accept books by the stack.

Important Considerations

  • Always obtain approval BEFORE bringing things to Nova Labs, using the contact form below!
  • Please be sure the items you are donating are in fact valuable to Nova Labs. We may not need those items that would otherwise go to Goodwill, a recycling station or the dump.
  • Clean it before you bring it! No rusty, malfunctioning, excessively dirty, tools, supplies, etc.

What Your Donation Provides

Donations will be used to support the facilities, equipment, and programming that is vital for providing an enriching experience for our community of makers! It will help further our vision of empowering everyone to Rediscover the Joy of Making Things!