Nova Labs shares classroom space for Capital Area Bio Space meet ups.

This is a group for anyone interested in working on a DIYbio community biotechnology space in the DMV area. We want DC to have a space that promotes public engagement in biotechnology and synthetic biology. Would love some members from the business, scientific and education communities, as well as other DIY-ers, makers, etc.

“Do-It-Yourself Biology, or DIYbio, is a global movement spreading the use of biotechnology beyond traditional academic and industrial institutions and into the lay public. Practitioners include a broad mix of amateurs, enthusiasts, students, and trained scientists, some of whom focus their efforts on using the technology to create art, to explore genetics, or simply to tinker. Others believe DIYbio can inspire a generation of bioengineers to discover new medicines, customize crops to feed the world’s exploding population, harness microbes to sequester carbon, solve the energy crisis, or even grow our next building materials.” Source: Woodrow Wilson Center Report “Seven Myths and Realities about DIYbio.