Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Policy

Nova Labs occupies a special place in the metro DC community and our members’ hearts as a place to gather to rediscover the joy of making things. We want all of our members, attendees, and guests to continue their journey as makers for decades to come. But in the wake of the novel coronavirus and the disease it spreads, COVID-19, the leadership of Nova Labs has outlined a three stage response to public health threats.

Stage I

Threshold: Fairfax County has more than one confirmed case of COVID-19

● No large gatherings - all classes and events are limited in size to 25 persons
● The makerspace will have increased disinfection protocol, occurring mid-day and at closing
  ○ If you would like to volunteer for Team Clean, please contact Jennyfer Peterson or Nick Lattanze
● Signs posted in the makerspace indicating when to stay away while sick

Stage II

Threshold: as soon as either Fairfax County or Fairfax County Public Schools or Fairfax County Public Libraries close or at the discretion of the board

● Closed to non-members
● Associates need to check website/Slack to see if associate access will be active
● Cancel all classes and events
● We ask all sick people to remain at home
  ○ We have empowered Team Leads, Stewards, and Board members to ask symptomatic people to leave the premises
● We ask people with confirmed COVID-19 to self-report so that we have the necessary information we need to determine escalating our response
● We will no longer have public bins for safety glasses; if you need a pair, ask at the front desk and we will give you a new pair free of charge
● We are asking people to remove their personal project items so that if we have to close suddenly, you are not stranded from your projects
● Classes may proceed as normal, provided they stay <25 students
  ○ Any instructors who wish to cancel their classes may do so, just contact
  ○ Any attendees who wish to cancel their reservation will be offered a full refund, please refer to ​
● Any meeting that would normally occur in a conference room, will be conducted remotely
  ○ e.g. Team Leads, Benchwork, CiviCRM, private meetings
  ○ Nova Labs has a Zoom account, members may use this link to start a meeting:

Stage III

Threshold: government mandate, board discretion (confirmed COVID-19 within Nova Labs, or leadership feels it is necessary)

● Close the space for >14-20 days
● Thoroughly disinfect the entire space
● Disengage door controller access
● Physical key will be held off-site by a member of the leadership team


● Nova Labs will refund classes to attendees who voluntarily cancel
● Nova Labs will refund classes that it cancels


● This Policy will be published on Slack in the Announcements and Members channel, as well as posted on the Wiki
● If someone reports that they have been infected, a board officer will communicate it to the community

Outstanding Questions

● Under what circumstances would we disinfect NL?
● What would the appropriate disinfecting procedure be?

How do we continue our sense of community through this crisis?

● Create a Slack channel “I need help...” so that members who need meals delivered, help procuring supplies, etc can post their needs?
● Discord channel for online gaming?
● Slack challenges to make things at home?
● Post your ideas in #members!