Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Policy

As of August 19, 2020, Nova Labs is in stage III.

Nova Labs wants all of our members, attendees, and guests to remain healthy and continue their journey as makers for decades to come. To support our community, Nova Labs has outlined a three-stage re-opening policy.

Our criteria for re-opening is in alignment with the guidelines set forth by Governor Northam for the state of Virginia. If the conditions that triggered Phase I, II, or III closing re-surface, Nova Labs access will regress to those conditions.

Stage III

The goal of this phase is to enable the members of Nova Labs to use the space for active making. Many classes and events will still be held online. Teleworking at Nova Labs is permitted in 1930 for Innovation Center members.

Who Can Access:
● Board Members and board-appointed positions (Team Leads, Coordinators, and Stewards)
● Paid Event Hosts, Instructors, and their Guests
● Key Members
● Associate Members
● Individuals Approved for Priority Projects
  ○ Preparing 1930 for Grand Opening
  ○ Renovation of 1916
  ○ Online instruction set up and delivery
  ○ Hosts, instructors, and guests of paid events that register through Meetup for events at 1930
  ○ Nova Lab's PPE Initiatives

Non-members will be allowed back at the 1916 location as of September 1, 2020.

Hours of Access:
● Key Members and priority project volunteers – 24/7
● Associate Members – 5:30-8:30pm Monday-Friday, 1:00pm-4:00pm Saturday and Sunday except for renovation events
● Guests of paid events at 1930 that register through Meetup
  ○ i.e. no guests or attendees at 1916
  ○ i.e. no unpaid guests at 1930
Due to the renovation, not all tools are available for use.
Due to the continued need for social distancing, reservation slots are limited.

All members must make a reservation prior to arrival. No walk-ins unless working on a critical project.

Ongoing precautions:
● We ask all sick people to remain at home
  ○ We have empowered Team Leads, Stewards, and Board members to ask symptomatic people to leave the premises
● We ask people with confirmed COVID-19 to self-report so that we have the necessary information we need to determine escalating our response
● We will no longer have public bins for safety glasses; if you need a pair, ask at the front desk and we will give you a new pair free of charge
● We are asking people to remove their personal project items so that if we have to close suddenly, you are not stranded from your projects
● Classes may proceed, provided they follow guidelines for distance and face coverings.
  ○ Due to the continued need for social distancing, max occupancy for each area has been set at 65 square feet/user


● This Policy will be published on Slack in the Announcements and Members channel, as well as posted on the Wiki
● If someone reports that they have been infected, a board officer will communicate it to the community.

Safety Precautions:

Kitchen usage:
● Do not leave dirty dishes on the counter or sink (place in the dishwasher immediately after use)
● No sharing food or beverages
● Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant before you leave the kitchen (this includes table, counter, door and drawer handles, microwave tray and handle, refrigerator shelf and handle, etc.)
● Throw dirty napkins or paper towels in the trash immediately after use
● Do not use the kitchen when someone else is using it (unless invited)

1916 Occupancy
● Orange Bay: maximum of 1 person per table at a time and no closer than 6’ to another person
● Laser Room: maximum of 4 people at a time
● Project & Chem/Bio Classroom: maximum of 13 people at a time
● Wet Studio: maximum of 13 people at a time
● Conference rooms: maximum of 1 person/30 sq ft to maintain 6’ separation
● Woodshop: maximum of 15 people at a time
● Metal Shop: maximum of 10 people at a time
● Greenway: maximum of 8 people at a time
● Blacksmithing: maximum of 4 people indoors; outdoors, maintain 6’ social distancing and wear a face mask of mostly natural fibers.

1930 Occupancy
● Enclosed office: maximum of 1 person/30 sq ft to maintain 6’ separation
● Innovation Center Conference room: maximum 4 people at a time
● Robot Corral: maximum 5 people at a time
● Innovation Center co-working areas: desk spacing cannot be closer than a 6 foot radius between adjacent desks
● Innovation Center Tool Bay: maximum 2 people at a time
● Innovation Center Lasercutter room: maximum 1 person at a time
● Community Bay: maximum of 2 people at a time
● Events Room: maximum of 18 people at a time if the divider is open, or 9 people per side with divider closed
● Robot Corral: maximum of 5 people at a time
● Media Suite: maximum of 4 people at a time
● Community Classroom: maximum of 3 people at a time
● Lobby: maximum 7 people at a time
Due to the continued need for social distancing, max occupancy for each area has been set at 65 square feet/user