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- Only wood and wood products in the woodshop!
- Some tools may have specific material limitations (i.e. no MDF/sheet goods in jointer/planer).  If you’re uncertain about this, ask a steward.
- No pressure treated lumber — there’s nasty stuff inside that we would prefer not to breath!  Feel free to cut pressure treated products outside, however.
- No epoxy or resin products.  A little bit of epoxy to fill a couple of ***small*** cracks is alright, but please — no river tables or anything for which the application of epoxy could be described as a “resin pour”.
- “Green” wood that’s fallen from a tree in your/your neighbor’s yard may have have nails/pieces of metal in it, as well as sufficient water content to trigger our tablesaws’ safety mechanism.  We have a metal detector and a moisture meter in a cabinet next to the tablesaw to ensure the wood will neither trip the tablesaw brake nor shatter the blade with hidden metal fragments.




Brian Kidwell

Anjelika Kosanic

Christopher Sexton


Events Coordinator:

Anjelika Kosanic


- Glasses
- No gloves
- No loose clothing or jewelry
- Close-toed shoes

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