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open office hours

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Our Goals
  1. Promote traditional, ornamental and practical craftsmanship of hot metal work.

  2. Provide basic instruction and safety to the NovaLabs community for pursuing creative metal working.

  3. Maintain a space and array of tools for both amateur and professional blacksmithing.

Shop Leadership

Lead Steward: Patrick Marstall

Assistant Steward: Gari Jimenez


Blacksmithing Leads/Instructors:

- Elvira Woodburn
- Brendon Rebo
- Joshua Fikenschter
- Kenneth Johansen
- Sam Wiles
- Amanda Walker
- Andrew Flores
- Nikolai Teleguine


We are currently offering the following classes and events to provide forge time and promote interest in blacksmithing. 


BL: Blacksmithing Practice Sessions Open Office Hours

BL: Blacksmithing 101 Safety Signoff and Introduction

BL: 16-Ton Hydraulic Press Signoff

BL: 2x72 Belt Grinder Signoff

BL: Power Hammer Signoff

BL_P: Forge Your Own Hammer

- *Blacksmithing 101 is required to join us at the "supervised practice sessions" and work on anything you can dream up, with help from experienced smiths.*


Can't wait? Please join us on the #blacksmithing channel in Slack to join in on fun and informative discussion!

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