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Lead Steward:

Steve Fritzinger 


Joshua Fikentscher

Plastics and Composites
(No fixed hours at this time)(Please use email or slack if you have any questions)

The Plastics and Composites shop is for Makers who want to use liquid rubbers and resins in their projects.


In the P&C shop you can:

  • pour a live-edge river table 

  • create multi-part molds to reproduce complex objects

  • reproduce parts to restore antiques

  • build an ultra-light carbon fiber drone

  • and many other things!


You can also infuse wood with resin to stabilize it for turning and other operations and create composite materials called micarta for knife scales and other decorative uses.

The P&C shop is an area within The Studio. It is a low dust environment (No sanding, no sawing, no milling, machining or turning in The Studio)

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