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CNC Machining
(No fixed hours at this time)(Please use email or slack if you have any questions)

Nova Labs has several CNC machines available to members. The specifics of each machine can be found on our Notions page (use the button below).

Generally speaking, we have CNC machines for working in most common mediums, from plastics and foam, to wood, and even metal. 

Our two most popular CNC machines are our ShopSabre RC4 CNC and our Matsuura Tiger Vertical Milling Center. Check our member portal for upcoming classes to learn to use these and other machines!

Sign Off Instructors: 

Lead Steward: Jonathan Thatcher

Lead Steward: Steve Klosky

Assistant Steward for Matsuura: Daniel Schneider

Assistant Steward for ShopSabre: Sam Winkelstein

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