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open office hours

The Studio
(No fixed hours at this time)(Please use email or slack if you have any questions)

The Studio houses a variety of project disciplines with one common feature- no dust! It's where you can go to get messy without worrying about sawdust in your paint. There is sink access in the adjoining classroom, which opens up a lot of opportunities for different mediums in the Studio.




Studio and Projects Classroom: - Siobhan Williams


Plastics and Composites: 

- Steve Fritzinger


Leather Tools:

- Sean Hollowood

Sign Off Instructors: 


- Margie Foster

Stained Glass:

Sue Sommerville, Julia Smith, Margie Foster, Carrie Hafer


- Rachel Berkhan

Composites Layup Equipment:

- Steve Fritzinger

Leather Equipment:

- Sean Hollowood

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