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Mixed Media

The Mixed Media Shop, initials MXS, aka “The Cantina”, has a interesting place in the Nova Labs mission. It hosts innumerable programs: makerschool camps, Robotics builds, the Nova Labs Internship Program, beginner projects galore, while also boasting the ability to create some large and really cool pieces.  

Our Mission


1. Support beginner makers with approachable, simple tools and sign off process.
2. Support programs by offering flexible, maneuverable shop furniture to maximize shop-centeric education. 
3. Support craft-centered artisans & content creators with curated tools and capacities aimed at generating arresting visuals for social media platforms.
4. Support mixed media/material projects (wood, metal, plastics, concrete, etc - all together.) Slabs, resin, power carving, foam cutting and more.

How To Volunteer

If you can help building out, designing, painting, building, making, organizing and more, please contact @shane4now, @woodshopcowboy to GET IN THE MXS! Villains, scoundrels, heroes and rogues all accepted.  Bring your blaster.

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