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open office hours

Crafters Cove "Crafternoons"
Wednesdays, 3pm-5pm


Crafters Cove is accessible to all Associates & Key members of Nova Labs.  Attendees and Guests may use tools with supervision during events. We support several areas of interest to the Arts and Crafts community.


For additional areas of interest we also encourage you to check out our other shops especially the Studio.

Why We Do What We Do

- This is where you find a wide variety of tools and equipment to support your creative maker's needs.

- We have responsibility for several small sub-sections that are not housed elsewhere. --- Specialty tools & General Craft use tools as well as some Basic tools that need to remain in a clean and good condition for crafting or art needs may duplicate tools in other shops.

- We include some items that you would have at home and items that don't quite fit into the other shop areas.

- If you are in the middle of a project and find you forgot something or need a tool that you didn't think of - check with Crafters Cove. We may have the weird tool or the last second supply your need.

- Crafters Cove strives to help makers of all kinds find what they need to finish their project. Because we all find that once in a while part way through our projects we forgot to bring / buy something we needed right now.

Stewards + Instructors

Steward: Carrie Hafer

Assistant: Jeff Chanesman

Sign Off Classes

- AC_S: Silhouette CNC 101

- AC_S_P: CNC Machine Embroidery

- AC_M: Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press

- AC_S: Industrial Sewing Machine Red Tool

~Beyond~ Sign Off Classes

Our classes in the Past & Present have included:

- AC_P: Leather Working 101 learn to make a belt

- AC_P: Sewing 101

- AC_P: Digitizing for CNC Machine Embroidery

- AC_P: Leather Working - tooling & stamping

Other Classes

Sewing Machine Basics, Hand Sewing, T-Shirt design (vinyl cutter & heat press), Machine Embroidery, Ukranian Egg decorating, Polymer Clay, Soap Making, Drop Spindle spinning, Video editing, Paper flowers, Sewing an Apron, Wire Wrapping Basics, Junk to Jewelry, Costume clinic, Glass ornaments & suncatchers, Introduction to Lapidary & Rock hounding, Lapidary Slab Cutting and Cab making, Rock tumbling & polishing, Intro to Stained Glass, Pour & Dump Painting, Crochet Critters, Quilted Drink Coasters, Image Transfer, Glass Etching, LED clothing


Crafters Cove supports a couple of Recurring Events for our artists and crafters:

- A Friday Night Crafting Social (OOH) - (In person currently on Hiatus - due to Covid) - For our low tech Makers, a good time to explore Crafters Cove , get feed back on projects and ask questions and observe various projects by other Makers.  This event is free for our members - and requires a small fee for non-members. This event also acts as our Open Office Hours for general Crafters Cove help.
- CNC - Embroidery Happy HouR (coming soon - not yet assigned a time / host): This is the OOH for members who have CNC Machine Embroidery questions. An opportunity for our members who are signed off on the machines to compare notes, projects, get feedback and ask questions.

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