Class and Event Policies

All tool training and classes are open to the public. You can take classes even if you are not a paying member. However, to gain independent access to our shops and Orange Bay areas outside of class time, you must have taken Green Orientation and then become a Key Member, Associate, or purchase a day pass during our front desk open hours. Workshops and classes are taught by our members, local artists, makers, and educators who are passionate about their craft. Nova Labs has a full suite of tools that include laser cutters, 3D printers, a four axis mill, an electronics bench, TIG & MIG welders, a CNC router, wood lathes, a metal lathe, and more! Our Crafters Cove equipment includes sets of tools for jewelry making, screen printing, vinyl cutting, leatherworking, industrial embroidering, and many more! Are you interested in teaching? Submit your proposal on this form.

A sign off class provides basic safety and operational training on, and independent access to, a specific set of tools at Nova Labs. It is not associated with any professional or industry-level certification status, nor is any document issued upon completion.

Class Refunds

Full refunds can be provided if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. You must remove yourself from the Meetup because that is the timestamp used for the refund determination. There is no refund available if you do not cancel prior to 48 hours before the start of the class. Students must request a refund via this form.

Weather Cancellation Policy

Front desk hours follow the Fairfax County School’s cancellation policy.

We do not automatically cancel classes and events until the Fairfax County School announces a decision. At that point, it becomes a risk for the makerspace. However, please check your meetup event for status. You may also contact your instructor, event host, or the helpdesk through for specific questions.

Refunds are issued when a paid class is canceled.

Epidemic Response Policy

If there is a widespread epidemic in Fairfax County, we will follow the FCPS closure rules.

Missed Class Policy

There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups, or deferments for missed classes. If you are more than 15 minutes late to a safety sign off class, you may be turned away and marked as a missed class.

Safety Dress Code

Students may be turned away the safety dress code for the class is not met. There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups or deferments. Class descriptions may require additional safety equipment. For each area, the minimum requirements are:

  • For all shops, we require
    • closed toed shoes;
    • safety glasses (can be found at in the Green Way needed); and
    • all entanglement hazards (e.g., long hair and dangling jewelry) be secured or removed.
  • For the metal shop, we additionally require
    • long pants; and
    • all jewelry (rings, watches, etc.) be removed, not just secured.
  • For blacksmithing, we additionally require
    • leather shoes;
    • long pants; and
    • no synthetic fibers due to fire and melting hazard.