Board of Directors

These are the Board members that keep this train on the tracks. Feel free to say hi if you see them around Nova Labs, bend their ears about improvements that you'd like to see, or email them with comments or suggestions. 

Nova Labs leadership doesn't stop at the Board of Directors, though. Many of our community members have stepped up to fulfill core roles in maintaining the physical space, facilitating events related to our mission, and fostering the joy of making within all age groups. Stop by Nova Labs, use the email below, or click the contact button to get in touch with these great folks. 


Shane Smith


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @shane4now
Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. - Franklin D Roosevelt

Bradley Matthews

Vice President

Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @bradley

Margaret Kositch



Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @margaretk

I have been a member of the Nova Labs Board since 2017, and have held positions as Secretary and Treasurer. I joined Nova Labs in 2017 to help make the Maker Faire, which is one of my favorite things on earth. I'm a librarian by training, an IT project manager by profession, and veteran of two startups, three if you count Nova Labs.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Brian Jacoby

Co-Treasurer, Founder, Past President


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @bjacoby
I am at Nova Labs most Mondays and random sightings other days/nights/weekends.

Brian is a Nova Labs founder and past [President, Vice-President, Secretary]. He is part of the Nova Maker Faire organizing team. An inveterate collector and distributor of maker raw materials, he is also a maker of sculptures, 3d-printing, metalworking, amateur (or less) woodworking, electronics, and raspberryPi/Arduino objects. He shares longest-member status with Nikolai Teleguine!
Nova Labs helps crazy ideas become physical objects, and dreams into reality. Any of the several dozen interest groups will challenge your skills and develop new ones.

Patrick Marstall


Find me on Nova Labs Slack @Pat Marstall

Pat Marstall is a program manager and engineer supporting government projects. He is a compulsive maker in both his professional and personal lives, and has designed and built everything from Bowie knives to radioisotope thermoelectric satellite reactors to cutting boards to microgravity toilets.

Jay Jayamohan


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @Jay Jayamohan

Jay Jayamohan is the Executive Director of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Harrisburg University (HU). He leads the effort that strategically positions HU to have a greater impact – economic & social – by having innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs coming together with students and faculty to collaborate on ideas and solve problems. Jay is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded RollStream, JobNavs and Synteras. Jay is a leading expert in disruptive innovation, design thinking, and strategic management. Jay Holds an M.S in Management from George Mason University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Lawrence Nightingale


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @Lawrence Nightingale

Lawrence (pictured with Adam Savage) is a native Virginian, education professional, and a maker who specializes in 3D printing. He has employed over eleven community college students and instructed over 550 people in 3D Printing. Lawrence aspires to help NOVAlabs distribute making and technology to all people who are willing to sacrifice time, effort, and skinned knuckles to its pursuit.

Kathryn Schiller


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @Kathryn Schiller

Kathryn Schiller's background is in public policy, science and technology, national security, and nonprofits. She loves science experiments, art projects, crafting, and adventuring, especially with kids.

Asma Chaudhary


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @Asma Chaudhary (us-mah)

Asma is an artist, graphic designer, and educator who teaches at George Mason University. She loves welding, woodworking, fiber arts, and designing furniture and lamps. Asma's connection with STEAM activities and Nova Labs began in 2013 with the first Maker Faire NoVa event! Since then, she enjoys helping with the team's social media, advocacy, and marketing.

Jeanne Marshall


Find me on Nova Labs Slack: @jeanne.marshall

Jeanne Marshall came to Nova Labs through MakerFaire. In addition to her passion for making, she is our representative with the Nation of Makers, co-producer for the next MakerFaire NoVA, and maker of Late Night Hot Cocoa.