Designed and Developed by
Emergency Medicine Clinicians and Engineers from Nova Labs

Initially designed for the management of patients with confirmed or suspected SARS-COV-2, the Airway Procedure Tent (APT) provides an additional layer of barrier protection to the current PPE standards for 'high risk' airway procedures.
The APT is ideal for procedures beyond intubation.

Key Features

  • Maximum internal work area accommodates video and direct laryngoscopy while donning all levels of PPE, including PAPR
  • Supports BVM ventilations by intubating provider, or assisted through additional sealable access ports
  • Bilateral side ports allow supplies and equipment to be passed without lifting protective barrier at chest
  • Ergonomic visual field and flexible crystal-clear vinyl without view obstruction
  • High range of arm movement during common airway procedures, without rigid constraints
  • Allows for concurrent resuscitation activities, including CPR and defibrillation
  • Accommodates ventilator attachment by intubating provider
  • Head can be fully exposed without removing chest-side barrier
  • Tent can be removed without disrupting ventilation tubing
  • Corner covers accommodate a variety of bed shapes, with optional attachment to bed for additional security
  • Neck flaps reduce air movement towards additional staff
  • Low cost, lightweight, and packs flat

The APT, like the other PPE projects associated with Nova Labs, are being provided free of charge to medical facilities and first responders in need.

Research, development and production of the APT have been made possible by donations from generous community members. If you're interested in contributing to this cause financially, please use the button below. If you would like your funds to be designated specifically to the APT project, include the word "tents" in the comment area when you enter payment info


To learn more, or find out how you can volunteer, please reach out using the contact form on this page.