2019 Maker Awards Nominations

It's about that time again! The Nova Labs Maker Awards are given to members of the community who exemplify our values of Making, Community and Joy.


Nova Labs Awards:

Volunteer of the Year

- Volunteer who contributed most to the Labs/Shops this year

Mentor of the Year

- Mentors who go the extra mile to bring their knowledge to others

Maker of the Year

- Makers who Make

Project of the Year

- That project that got your jaw a-wagging

Team/Group of the Year

- Team or Group build/project/event which made the biggest impact in the Labs

Tribe Specific (As Many Tribes that Wish to Participate)

Maker of the Year

Project of the Year

Newcomer of the Year

Moments of Appreciation:

A Moment of Appreciation is a story about someone at the Labs you would like to thank for their contributions to your project, their commitment to the organization, etc. Please send a paragraph and a story along with this.
Fill out this form to nominate people by December 8. Please only vote once.