3D Sculpting and Modeling Class at Nova Labs

Imagine being able to sculpt complex, even organic-looking objects in 3D, using just your mouse and a few keyboard commands. Imagine creating characters or concept art for a project, all with free software.

3D Modelling class

3D Modelling class

Nova Labs’ own Sam W. guided an enthusiastic class through just that, using Sculptris, free software that works like “digital clay.” Any shapes made in Scupltris can be exported for use in video games or 3D printing, among other applications.

Sam began with a quick overview of Sculptris, then dove right in and demonstrated the most useful tools, like draw and smooth. As he did so, he did the most amazing thing: he actually created the head and torso of a fantastical creature, seemingly effortlessly, just as he showed the class to use different tools.

He then turned the class over to the students, who spent the rest of the time sculpting their own objects, with Sam always available to answer questions and suggest the right tool for the job. As the class ended, the students’ designs were judged and the best one was 3D printed. How awesome is that?

This class — and many others like it — is offered periodically at Nova Labs. Go to NOVA Makers on Meetup to sign up, or browse Nova Labs’ website for more information.

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  1. Gorgeous picture! This is a fun way to get into digital arts AND into creating your own models for the 3D printer so you can progress beyond printing other people’s ideas and print your own.

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